HVAC Services

HVAC ServicesRedblue provides round-the-clock (24 / 7 / 365) service to every size and shape of commercial-industrial heating and air conditioning customer in Charlotte and the Carolinas.

We cover the gamut of HVAC customer needs and maintain an elite staff of expertly trained professionals, including HVAC service technicians, engineers, installers, sheet metal mechanics, building automation specialists, project consultants, customer service specialists, maintenance specialists and other support staff.

Providing customers open access to this robust array of professionals promotes personalized customer service, while Redblue’s internal processes ensure that appropriate account representatives maintain account ownership, accepting responsibility and total accountability for being the customer’s ultimate resource for all account activity.

In addition to providing customers full and open access to every employee in the company, Redblue provides a toll-free hotline (877) 298-2242 (24 / 7 / 365) for after-hour emergencies.

Upgrades, Engineering & Installation

Remarkable Solutions Available for Obsolete, Neglected Systems

If your HVAC system needs replacing, Redblue will work with you to upgrade your system in the most cost-effective manner.  Our  staff is cross-trained and certified to service, install and upgrade a wide variety of systems.  Unlike OEM service providers, we are not affiliated with any individual manufacturer and only recommend equipment solutions that best fit the needs of our clientele.  With Redblue, you’ll never be backed into a corner when it comes to upgrading or replacing your existing systems.

Redblue Can Help

  • Preventive Maintenance

    Trustworthy, professional assistance with HVAC engineering, installation and retrofit solutions can profoundly impact Redblue customers’ cost reduction efforts.

  • Modern components, finely tuned systems, and advanced controls featuring today’s hottest automation technology can cool off energy costs, and put the freeze on escalating maintenance and repair costs.
  • From component upgrades to system overhauls, restorations and facility expansions, Redblue’s staff is exceptionally skilled in assessing existing systems.
  • In fact, Redblue’s proprietary proactive maintenance process includes a highly beneficial feature which actually automates the process of identifying when and where HVAC upgrade projects can dramatically improve a customer’s energy savings


Sophisticated assessment and monitoring programs allow Redblue to readily identify powerful energy saving opportunities starting with a thorough, controlled-energy study Redblue provides to new customers free of charge.

Using the Redblue team can provide customers appropriate cost-reduction plans, energy conservation plans, and system restoration plans that can restore older systems to mint efficiencies or, at the customer’s choice, upgrade older systems to capitalize on today’s newest energy conservation technology.